Drosophila Developmental Genetics


Enquiries from motivated and academically excellent students are welcome.  More information and applications are handled via central university admissions:


Please be aware of the need to find funding for your PhD.  You may be foreign government funded, self-funded or can apply for funding from one of the following sources (eligibility criteria may apply):

BBSRC Doctoral training programme

We offer projects as part of the BBSRC DTP which provides FOUR years funding (with a generous yearly £14510 stipend) as well as a tailored training programme for each student.

Additionally, in the third year of your PhD you will be able to undertake a 3-month Professional Internship or ‘PIP’. This internship is not directly related to the PhD project, but is designed to offer you experience in one of a number of career sectors, including: teaching, policy-making, media, industry etc.

To apply or for more information on the BBSRC DTP please go to:


The closing date for applications is: 28th January 2020 for entry in October 2020.

Other funding for PhDs:

For advice on funding for prospective post-graduate students.

There are a number of international studentships available to international (EU/worldwide) applicants.